Noodles made of peas? …yes please!


These noodles are made from green peas… 100% green peas! This means that when compared to most store bought pasta’s they are a great alternative.  They do have an asian glass noodle feel, but have virtually no taste of their own so you can cook them in any sauce you like and they will soak up the flavour!  Today I had a craving for garlic noodles cooked in veggie bouillon.   I sautéed zucchini, broccoli and of course lots of garlic in a few drops of sesame oil and my favourite spice mix from Costco…Costcospice

I then added a scoop of vegetable bouillon, a splash of water, the pea noodles and put the lid on for just a couple minutes.  This meal is FAST!  start to finish including chopping 10 minutes.  Give it a try, it’s loaded with immune boosting garlic, inflammatory cruciferous broccoli, fibre and the countless nutrients packed into zucchini.

**This just happens to be gluten free, yeast and soy free for those of you who benefit from eliminating those from your meals.**  

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