Strong as an Ox… the protein paradox

“Strong as an ox” is a saying we are all familiar with.  After all they were necessary to pull the plow that allowed farmers to reap the plants from the fields that would feed their families and communities …have you ever seen an ox eat meat? …how could they be so strong without PROTEIN?

Well the answer is that they wouldn’t be… they get PLENTY of protein from the plants that they eat. Just like humans who eat a plant based diet do.


Protein deficiency isn’t a “thing” amongst plant based eaters.  In fact the protein that we consume from eating animals causes many problems in our bodies at a cellular level.  Animal protein contributes to type 2 diabetes, it contributes to obesity and builds up in our bodies eventually blocking the absorption of protein all together.

As you can see by this cute pic courtesy of The Give Project, protein is found in abundance in many of the very common veggies that we eat everyday.



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