Sugar the FDA Approved Cocaine


Now just that title alone will get some eye rolls and maybe even prevent some people from clicking to ready the full post.  But you know what… be critical! Be critical of everything I write and everything you see and hear.  Critical doesn’t mean cynical… we need give intentional thought to our source of information and only then, deem it either important to us, or not.

I have gotten my information from multiple clinical trials done on both humans and rats in laboratories all over Canada and the United States… too many to list them all, but here is a short list.

I bought my kids their Halloween costumes over the weekend and thus the anxiety of the sugar onslaught of this holiday has begun.  I explain the harmful effects year after year, I negotiate with them as to how much “poison” I will let them eat and even buy their candy from them (which is getting $$$ as they age) …because trick-or-treating is seriously FUN!

But we have the research; we have the information; we know that refined sugar is addictive and creates harmful chemical reactions within our bodies… and yet it is still very much the norm to give it to children at parties, special events and holidays.


I get the “everything in moderation” idea. 80/20!  But is our level of moderation enough when it comes to this addictive stimulant? Mainstream media is marketing sugary treats with artificial dyes (that’s another post) to our kids. Schools are rewarding kids with ring pops, suckers and skittles. It’s our job as parents to take the information that we now have and apply it to our kid(s) and demand that influential institutions like daycares and schools do the same!

Let’s explore a little of that research…


This graphic shows the area of the brain stimulated by cocaine and sugar is the same… the deal is that both substances increase the release of dopamine (the happy chemical) in the brain. Now I’m not saying that I don’t want kids to be happy but this release is an unnatural amount. An amount that comes with consequences…namely addiction.  Now it might not sound too bad to be addicted to being happy, but unfortunately that is not the only consequence. Refined sugar creates oxidative damage among your cells, increases cell mutation and creates instability in your blood glucose levels (leading to diabetes).

Our kids deserve better… we know better, so let’s do better! 

How much added sugar should we eat?

(these numbers are based on a diet of 2000 calories)

As Canadians we eat an estimated 110 grams of added sugar per day (26 teaspoons)

As Canadians we should be eating no more than 48 grams (12 teaspoons) of added sugar per day…but this comes with negative health effects (so why is this the top limit recommendation?)

To avoid adverse health effects caused by sugar we should be eating no more than 25 grams (6 teaspoons)


Now you know!  Happy Halloween 🙂   Honestly have a great time dressing up, going to a party where there are spooky gross things! Have fun trick-or-treating!  I bought cute Halloween rings and bouncy balls and squishy toys (all .99 cents/pack) to give the kids in my neighbourhood.  My kids will be going door to door and they will be selling me their candy for pennies on the dollar, and it will be 100% worth it for me. My kids will also appreciate ANY and EVERY house that doesn’t give them candy because then they get to keep the cool stuff that their mom didn’t think to buy!

We can start the change at home and hope that schools and other institutes alike follow suite.

Artificial sugar creates artificial happiness…

Keep it real 😉


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