Halloween…part 1

Ok so this is kind of a follow up post about my sugar post only with less facts and more attitude!  I called it part 1 because Halloween is still over a month away and due to my passionate outlook I’m sure there will be a follow up to this post at some point 😉


I am in a few “mom groups” on facebook as I’m sure many mom’s out there are. One in my community recently posted about Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Candy… the topic lead to many moms admitting that they throw out most of the candy and some have the Switch Witch come and trade out the candy for gifts or money – depending on the kids age.

Obviously I was happy to read that other moms are taking action against letting their kids have a free for all with all that sugar, red #40 and yellow #5…etc.  What shocked and angered me was the moms that were pissed off that people were throwing out the candy that they had bought for the kids with their hard earned money! … Their solution was to turn off the lights and not participate in Halloween!!!

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE???   Is it really candy or nothing???

This one lady wrote, what is this world coming to? Now people are trying to take candy away from children? What will they take away next?”

It took all of my willpower to not respond and instead open up a blog post…

My answer to her is “hot dogs, ham, pepperoni… oh and CANCER and DIABETES!” That is what we will take away from your children next.

Instead of looking at what we are taking away, how about look at the health and longevity that these moms who are playing Switch Witch are giving their kids.

Parents are constantly juggling keeping their kids healthy and still be able to have treats, parties, holidays and see those smiles that we get when we give them something special!  Yes we love to make our kids smile! All us crunchy granola no sugar serving, candy tossing moms love to treat our kids too and make them smile.

So to all you moms that really want to give candy take a look at why you want to give the candy… because I’m betting it’s like 10% tradition and 90% for the smile.   Keeping kids healthy is going to get you a lot more smiles in the long run 🙂

This year for Halloween I bought:

  • glow sticks
  • bouncy balls that look like eyeballs
  • spider rings
  • small sticky skeletons
  • tiny Halloween themed yo-yo’s

So my point is spend your hard earned money, if you want to, to give those little trick-or-treating kids all the smiles without the disease 🙂

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