Resilience, our tragic flaw


Remember back when you had to read Shakespeare and were thinking the whole time… “REALLY?! Don’t believe him, or c’mon he/she isn’t worth dying for, or buddy your need to be ‘special’ is going to get you killed!”

…and sure enough they died!  They all died!

Othello: cause of death = jealousy

Juliet: cause of death = loyalty

Brutus needed to be noble and Cesar was arrogant!

Well as I learn more and more about what is preventing people from taking action when it comes to not dying of preventable lifestyle disease, this concept of our tragic Shakespearean flaw seemed suddenly current.

I have decided that it’s our body’s resilience that is what actually leads to our demise.  I mean, of course it’s our direct choices and actions that cause the disease, but our bodies are so amazing at healing themselves that we can basically cover the entire wall in shit before any of it starts to stick.

You could argue that greed is our flaw or indulgence or the need to be powerful, but if we felt the effects of our actions immediately we would immediately make different choices.  Instead we can beat ourselves up on the inside for 20, 30 or 40 years before most of us start to feel the effects.  So I maintain that it’s our resilience that leads to our demise.  Imagine if, like an allergy, every time you ate or drank something that fed disease instead of fighting it you felt crappy, weak or in pain.  The vast majority of us would be making very different daily choices.

Some people rely on popular media, some on science and some on tradition to guide the choices that we make, but what if we had the ability to use our instincts and feel cause and effect immediately.

So far it’s looking like our own habits will be the death of us.  Oh Shakespeare how did you peg the human race so accurately, then show us multiple times and still our ignorance remains stronger than our survival instinct.


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