You’re hired!! …oh wait I forgot to ask

Imagine you have a job that needs to be done. There are multiple candidates that can do the job but as we all know they won’t do it in the same way.  So we interview.  We ask questions.

Q: Have you done this job before?

Q: Did you succeed in getting this job done?

Q: What are your strengths?

Q: What are your weaknesses?

Q: Why should I hire you over another candidate?

Q: Will you improve my company or will I have to hire someone to repair your damage?

Maybe you can see where I’m going with this…

Imagine if we thought of our food in this way.  What job do I need done?  Do I need to stay full for hours, am I bored and need something in a bowl that’s in 100 pieces so I can slowly eat one at a time, do I want to drink from a straw while I drive, something sweet, something salty, something fresh?  All of these are jobs that we require food to fulfill and we use the word “want” as a blanket statement.  “I ate that because I wanted to, because I  didn’t want to be hungry, because I want to be healthy”.  In reality it is the job that we want done.

I have to admit that this genius isn’t mine alone, I watched a video this morning about market research and how they conduct it. Considering all my thoughts around food and how we view it, this seemed relevant.

I’m not imagining that we will interview each piece of food we eat but if we just thought to ourselves for a moment before choosing something.

Q: What problem am I trying to solve with food?

Q: What problems will I create based on the choices I make?

Q: Will my choice provide positive or negative side effects?

Q: Are those effects worth this moment?

Don’t hire an electrician to install your bathroom sink, don’t hire a banana for a child’s birthday party, and don’t hire a bag of chips and a coke to nourish your body for the remaining work day hours.

Conduct thoughtful interviews when it comes to the workforce you hire to nourish your body. 

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