Happy 2020

a year from now

Happy New Year!  I bet you’re excited to read yet another inspirational blog post to start the new year.  New year, new you.  Daily affirmations of positivity.  Setting goals that create results.  Loving yourself enough to make the time.  New Year resolutions.  Quotes, MEMEs, etc.   On the surface these are all a nice part of beginning a new year and with the right mindset many of them work.  But in reality, most of them are designed to get your money and often times they are playing off the disappointment you feel for not implementing these goals and changes last year.

…or the year before.

Don’t get me wrong a new year is a great time to start something new but not out of guilt, obligation or media peer pressure.  If you are starting something new that fills your bucket, checks your boxes and/or adds something to your soul then the new year,  the start of a month or middle of a week… are all great times to start 🙂

If you weren’t doing it last year then why do you want to do it this year?

What makes this a good time for change?


Maybe you feel great about last year, maybe status quo is optimal for you and that’s great!

I genuinely extend  to you a Happy 2020… may this new decade bring you all you desire.  May you have the motivation to implement the changes you want and the strength to be realistic and not succumb to the peer pressure marketing that promises that new and improved you.  Maybe you don’t need to be new?  And if you need to be improved then it will take work, effort and the right influence and information.  So start today, start next week or just keep on keeping on. You decide what is right for you and this new decade will be what we make of it!

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