Health Is Our Top Priority

“Our health is our top priority” sounds like a no-brainer statement. But I’m sure many of us would agree that it’s become far too easy for that statement not to be true. We have commitments, goals, jobs, sports, careers, loved ones…all of these have been made a priority and with good reason. The commitments we make fill us up somehow, otherwise we wouldn’t commit to them; the goals we set make us feel like we are successfully progressing through this one life that we get; our job provides stability and means; sports bring us joy and keep us young at heart; careers provide self esteem and financial gain; our loved ones provide support, love and spiritual fulfilment.

Now make a list of of what we have if we don’t have our health…

I can’t think of anything, can you?

This isn’t meant to be a guilt trip, I simply want to point out that typically as a society we take our health for granted. Often prioritizing things that without our health we would not have or be able to enjoy.

The good news is it’s only partially our fault!

Mass media and marketing has given us all permission to:

  1. eat on the go
  2. eat anywhere
  3. eat anything if we are “busy” and “on the go”
  4. grab a quick snack
  5. grab a quick coffee

snack, grab, grab, snack, take-out, take-out, frozen dinner!

If you are a busy professional, if you are a parent with multiple children, if you are a single parent, if you are a student, if you work on the road, if you are breathing in and out you have been given permission by popular culture to only consider your health once it is failing you.

We all have a minimum of 3 chances each day to determine whether we are feeding or fighting disease. We silently depend on our health to be there for us and our busy schedules. COVID-19 has brought us time. Time to re-prioritize and to drown out the marketing and the loud noise of popular culture. We have slowed down. We can see more clearly than ever that we need to make our health a priority so that we can enjoy the things that fill our bucket.

Stay home, choose your noise, and eat real food that take a bit of time to prepare. Food that goes bad in a week, food that will be the ounce of prevention that we all need right now because currently we don’t have the pound of cure.

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