do not try this at home!

As I am sure all of you who are reading this know, I am a practicing nutritionist. This means that I see clients and offer nutritional assessments, counselling and coaching. I am intensely passionate about nutrition and the value that each meal adds or subtracts from our health and our life.

Questioning what you are eating is a GREAT first step that many people don’t take. People take the power of food for granted and often only give the food they eat the credit of tasting good or satisfying a craving. For those of you that have connected the food you eat to your health BIG HIGH FIVE for giving food the credit it deserves.

I am a plant-based nutritionist for a reason, I have named myself “Plant Based Jenny” for a reason… and that reason is because when I studied nutrition no matter which book I read, “Eating Alive”, “The End of Food”, “The China Study”, “Healthy at 100”, “New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind”, and many more, it always came down to the same evidence based science. The human body is the healthiest, lives the longest, and maintains the most faculties on a plant-based low fat diet.

Let’s change gears for an example because people can get a bit sensitive when it comes to their food choices, habits and the consequences of their actions.

You have a HUGE bruise on your knee… you go to your doctor.

You: “Doc this bruise on my knee is killing me, I”m in pain all the time please help me!”

Doctor: “I’d love to help, it looks like you have been hitting your knee on the coffee table. Does that sound about right?”

You: “Yup, I hit it about 3 times a day.”

Doctor: “If you want the bruise to go away you need to stop hitting your knee on the coffee table.”

You: “Can I just hit is less maybe, hitting my knee is my favourite thing.”

Doctor: “Sure, but expect to still have a bruise on your knee, it will be smaller but it will never heal and you could possibly lose feeling in the rest of your leg.”

You: “But I came to you so that you could make the bruise go away. Can’t you do that?”

Doctor: “Nope, I can only guide you into making decisions that will allow the bruise to heal and not return. Only you can decide whether or not you will hit your knee again.”

As a nutritionist I’ve been trying to walk this line where people come to me because something is wrong, they feel crappy, they are tired, they have a food born illness such as diabetes mellitus, poor cardio vascular health, cancer, or are overweight BUT they don’t want to eat plant-based. People are convinced that diseases like these run in their family, but you know what runs in families… recipes, meals, food habits, tradition!

I’ve seen this movie and I’m pretty sure he isn’t giving the finger here!

I am a plant-based nutritionist because the ONLY diet that has been scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease in humans is a plant-based diet! I am not that interested in helping people keep small bruises on their knees. I am VERY interested in helping, guiding and coaching people to live a life free from bruised knees. I especially want children to not have bruised knees. Let’s start a new tradition, a tradition of knowledge and of healing and of health as we age.

I can’t say this enough…

Every time we eat and drink we are either feeding disease or fighting it. Our top 3 leading causes of death in Canada are PREVENTABLE food born illnesses!

Whole food plant-based eating can change this statistic. Stop hitting your knee, pay attention and start helping your body fight disease with every bite you take.

2 Replies to “Plant-based/Vegan”

  1. If I wanted to go on a trip. How do I maintain the plant based diet while travelling. Especially during this time in the world?


    1. If you have to travel then you do the very best you can. If you are eating out at a restaurants you can ask your server questions regarding the menu options, for example: “what is in the dressing” or “if they have a vegan/plant-based alternative”. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables at local markets or grocery stores to snack on, this option will also be economical. Now more than ever it is crucial that we take steps towards strengthening our health and giving our body the nutrients it needs to keep our immune system strong and resilient.


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