Let them eat cake! …at 2pm

I don’t know what kind of cake/pie this is….but I’m all in!

We all eat dessert, most of us love it and some of us LOOOOOOVE it, either way we are eating it.

I don’t let my kids eat sugary ice creams (vegan of course), cake, pie, and other decadent treats after supper. Of course there are special occasions like birthdays that allow for rule breaking but on the regular, this is not the time we have dessert.

Why not? …you might ask.

If you think of it, we eat dessert after supper because that is the tradition, that is what restaurants promote and that is what we grew up with and never gave it a second thought…. well I have arrived to provide thought and ruin your dessert! LOL

Would you eat or feed your child a few teaspoons of sugar after supper or before bed, maybe as a bedtime snack? This is literally what is happening with evening desserts. Of course I’m not talking about giving your kids a piece of fruit or maybe a toast with peanut butter and banana if they didn’t eat much supper. I’m talking about real dessert, the kind with ice cream, or chocolate, or whip cream or strawberry cake with pretzels…did you see that amazing picture?!?!

EVERYTHING we put into our body and our kids body needs to be cleaned and used or stored in some way.

My daughter asked me the other day, why we don’t eat dessert? I told her that we do eat dessert, we just eat it in the middle of the afternoon. See I’m the best mom ever! Dessert before supper!

(Insert 8 year old eye roll)

If we have something special we have it as an afternoon snack, after our lunch. This way our body has time to burn calories, it has a healthy dinner on the way to help with the clean up and plenty of time to finish digestion before we are in relax and recovery mode.

While we sleep our body is recovering from the assault that is suffered at our hands throughout the day. It is essentially cleaning up our mess and getting prepared for the day ahead.

I told my daughter, “imagine if I kissed you goodnight and then said now just mop the floor and then relax and I’ll see you in the morning”. She was like, “whaaaattt I can’t mop the floor at bedtime? I’ll be awake and it will be hard to fall asleep and then I won’t get enough sleep and I’ll be tired in the morning”. “Exactly my love, this is why we have dessert in the afternoon!”

We can’t make a mess late in the evening and expect our body to quickly clean it up, relax and recover….it just can’t do it.

You have the knowledge, it makes sense, you’re not taking anything away from yourself or anyone else. You have the choice and the power to follow blindly in the path of tradition and cultural norms or you can take this knowledge and apply it to your life and your kids life (if you have kids) and create a new path, a new tradition, a norm that promotes health, promotes relaxation in the body, promotes restful sleep and promotes recovery (our body’s natural state while we sleep).

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