Equine PEMF Therapy

PEMF – Use the therapy on your athlete that NASA uses on theirs

How does PEMF work?

Electromagnetism creates energy through cellular metabolism. This is the process of taking in nutrients, minerals and oxygen and releasing toxins, carbon dioxide and water. This ion transfer that takes place within a cell is responsible for the cellular energy or ATP in a cell. Since all any living creature is, is a collection of cells, it makes sense that cellular health and ability to create and store energy directly affects organ function, injury and would healing ability, immune function, etc. When cells are irritated they get stacked (they aren’t supposed to be), the magnetic fields open up the blood vessels and break apart the cells (as they are meant to be), allowing the healing process to begin and accelerate.  Our horse’s 800 trillion cells intelligently communicate with each other faster than the speed of light.  The health of the horse’s body is dependent on the health of his/her cells, all organs and tissues are composed of cells.  With healthy cells and healthy blood the body has what it needs to heal itself as nature intended.


How long does it take to get results from PEMF Therapy?

This depends on how you define results. As you can see in the picture above the cells are positively affected in just 8 minutes. Anytime that cells are given this boost in their ability to function healing and regeneration is sped up. So the answer is results begin to happen immediately. How ling will it take for you to see results outside the body, like reduced inflammation of an injury or reduced pain will be any where from 3-5 days of consistent use. Just like with people every horse is different, and it depends on the age of the horse, pre existing conditions and the severity of the injury.  Some may show a difference after or even during the first session, others may take a week or even 10 days to feel or see the benefits.  PEMF Therapy is cumulative, the longer and more frequent the use, the stronger your horse’s internal environment will become and remain. 

How is PEMF Beneficial for Horses?

PEMF is used to treat a wide range of conditions affecting any horse, but is especially beneficial for equine athletes.  You will find that treatment protocols vary based on factors such as:

  • Age of Horse
  • Fitness/Health Level including other conditions, medications, stress level and more
  • Age of Injury
  • Daily Routine
  • External factors including travel, competition, and stressors

PEMF can be used either as a preventative to injury, especially for Equine athletes, or to treat specific equine conditions.  Listed below is just a sampling of the symptoms and conditions that can be helped with PEMF Therapy:

  • Shortened Forelimb Stride
  • Lameness
  • Abnormal head carriage
  • Muscle atrophy and stiffness
  • Bucked Shins
  • Ligament injuries
  • Bowed tendons
  • Fresh and delayed union bone fractures
  • Fetlock and pastern injuries
  • Sesamoid
  • Bursitis
  • Cancer / Melanoma
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Tendon issues
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Pedal Osteitis and Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Abscesses
  • Hoof Cracks & Quarter Cracks
  • Founder & Laminitis
  • Navicular Syndrome
  • Injuries to Metacarpals, Fetlock, Pastern & Sesamoids
  • Suspensory injuries/DDFT
  • OCD

The Treatment Process

PEMF treatments for horses are easy, simple and stress-free. Our world class PEMF system is the iMRS Fauna by Swiss Bionic Solutions which provides a practical, gentle and stress free application.  Our newly developed area applicators do not have to get in contact with the animal anymore. PEMF applicators can be hung within a box stall, standing stall, hallway or a simple suspension mechanism creating an energy “box”. The horse will be positioned in the box and is automatically and non-intrusively exposed to the applied pulsed electromagnetic field.

The additional 2 leg applicators enable a more specific and local application for the lower extremities of the animal. The adjustable suspension mechanism and the choice of very durable yet light material ensure a fast, easy and highly effective use.  These tendon boots can be adjusted higher or lower on the horse’s legs to address treatment as required in specific locations.

The iMRS Fauna

The treatment is easy, safe, fast, and affordable.

Contact me for Purchase information.

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