Nutritional Lifestyle Transformation / 5 days / $975

Get a personal nutritional assessment followed up by 5 days (3 hours per day) of 1-on-1 personalized coaching and nutritional training.

During our time together over the week we will be cleaning out your kitchen, organizing it for efficiency and to make food prep and cooking a pleasure! Dinner starts at the grocery store and that is where we will start too! Making trips to the grocery store together and learning the importance of list making and label reading. Deciphering the lingo of the food marketing and advertising industry will make it easier to make great choices before you have even entered your kitchen.

Each day we will finish our time by cooking a meal together, it can be a meal for 1 or for your family. We will talk budget, leftovers, food prepping and taking food on the go. You will be provided with a cooking reference book that contains all the recipes that we made over the week as well as a few bonus recipes that suite your goals, tastes and lifestyle.

This is an opportunity to grow your skills in the kitchen, understand food and why and how it fuels your body. This opportunity combines both practical skills and education into a life changing opportunity!

It takes energy, effort and knowledge to make sustainable change in your life. Together we can create the link between how you would like to feel and how you actually feel.

If you are interested in losing weight and/or eliminating your type 2 diabetes and/or preventing and reversing heart disease along with many other health and lifestyle benefits this program is a great choice for you!

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