Meal Plans

3 Day Meal Plan – Diabetes Mellitus, High Cholesterol

**This example meal plan is focused on managing blood sugar, reducing/eliminating insulin and addressing many of the symptoms related to diabetes mellitus, such as fatigue and joint pain.  This plan is also cholesterol reducing** 


3 Day Meal Plan – Underactive Stomach, Immune Boost

**This example meal plan is designed to support an underactive stomach to improve digestion and absorption of valuable nutrients.  There has also been a focus placed on boosting the immune system and providing allergy relief with live enzyme, detoxifying foods**  


1 Day Meal Plan – 10 000 Calorie Athlete

**There aren’t a lot of us out there that need to take on 10 000 calories in a day, in fact it would be dangerous for most of us if we did. There are a few exceptions however and the ultra athlete is one of them.  More and more you are hearing about athletes choosing to fuel their body with plant based whole foods and the amazing results they are getting.  They experience increased energy, reduced inflammation, increased recovery time and many more benefits all thanks to the power of plant.  Here is a sample of a day in the life of the 10 000 calorie ultra athlete**

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