PEMF Rentals

  • Full body assessment and personalized protocol to get the most out of your therapy experience. ​

RENTAL PEMF SYSTEMS (not available for Equine PEMF)

The worlds premiere PEMF device is now available to take home and try!

  • Only $25/day (min 1 week rental)
  • 1 week for $175.  (ask how to get a FREE week!
  • Cumulative benefits.
  • Enjoy multiple sessions per day.
  • Improve your sleep with the “SLEEP” setting before bed.
  • Use it with the whole family.
  • Discover what it’s like to own.

Included in your rental:

  • Rental Support – feel free to text, call or email any questions you may have throughout your rental period.  Ensuring you get the best experience during your rental is our top priority! 
  • Free Rental – Once you have experienced the benefits of PEMF on a daily basis you wont want to let it go.  If you purchase a mat through us at the end of your rental week, your rental fee will be fully refunded.  

Purchasing Options and Financing Available – Contact for info on monthly specials

What to Expect

PEMF therapy is cumulative, the more you use the mats the longer your results last.  The Omnium1 has multiple applicators to give both a full body treatment and target an injury or specific pain spot.  

  • Mat applicator, which employs a triple sawtooth wave, pulsed frequency to activate and energize every cell in their body while also enjoying the integrated sound and light relaxation system (iSLRS).
  • Pad applicator which emits a more focused field, and employs the NASA proven square wave impulse technology for healing, regeneration and pain relief.
  • Probe applicator or Omnispot which also employ the NASA proven square wave impulse technology for healing, regeneration and pain relief in an even more focused field to address acute or localized issues that require more direct attention.



Click HERE to buy now.  

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