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The Information Diet – Introduction to Nutrition

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The Information Diet – Introduction to Nutrition

Alright, the Christmas and New Year’s crazy is all over… maybe you enjoyed it and maybe you are happy for the normalcy and calmness to return to your life. Regardless of your outlook, life is back to normal.

Now as I stated in an earlier post if you love your normal, you eat healthy (provided you know how to eat healthy), you have lots of energy and your body and mind are fit and strong then CONGRATULATIONS! …we all want to be you

If you are putting one foot in front of the other, thinking about healthy eating, weight loss and wishing you could sleep long enough to dream about having more energy… then we ARE all you.

If you have been following my blog then you know I have made a post in the past called “The Information Diet” …if you are reading it for the first time today, go read that post, I’ll wait…

Ok so we are all on the same page now.

My main goal as a nutritionist and the whole reason that I even decided to study nutrition is because it is so essential to life. My love for food and my inquisitive nature led me to ask what are the long term effects of this deliciousness? There is so much bad information or lack of great information out there surrounding what we eat and how to nourish our bodies. I decided to contribute to some good information being out there.

I’ve been working one-on-one with clients and I’ve seen a pattern emerging. Lack of time with me! I studied for 3 years to learn what I know now… and I continue to learn each day, following the research and learning from others in the field of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. There is just too much relevant information about food, nutrition and good habits to absorb in an hour or 2 with me. So we spend a few hours together and I make you a plan and maybe you open the email, maybe you make some of the recipes, and possibly you follow through with half the changes I have recommended. This is because your knowledge of the WHY isn’t there. You need to feel empowered, you need to feel like you are making changes and new choices for a reason and a reason that you believe in. Recently someone that I respect said to me, “how much time do your clients need to spend with you to benefit from what you have to offer?”

The answer isn’t a simple one… years probably! LOL But realistically I have decided that I can offer chunks of the information so that people that seek to benefit from me have a REAL chance of feeling the change, feeling the benefits and feeling the possibilities.

So here is the deal, government health care covers prescriptions and accidents. It doesn’t cover transformation. This is where my skill set lies.

I’m offering a 3 week course introducing you to nutrition: the fundamentals: the why. Of course information is only as powerful as what you choose to do with it BUT the single most effective weight loss study EVER was simply giving a group of people information.

Here is the link if you care to check it out https://www.nature.com/articles/nutd20173

I am offering you the chance for empowerment, control over your body, weight loss and increased energy.

I am not here to offer you my opinion, I am here to present evidence based information regarding nutritional science in an easily ‘digestible’ format 🙂

3 weeks isn’t enough to change your life but it is enough to change your gut bacteria, your blood pressure, your cholesterol and your blood sugar levels. Emotionally, change takes longer than 3 weeks, but it’s a good foundation and biologically it’s a week longer than the entire lifetime of your white blood cells.

You know when you are holding the hand of a toddler to help them up the stairs and each stair is an accomplishment. You’re so proud of them for having the courage to take that huge step in front of them and even though you’ve been up and down those steps a million times you feed off of their joy and excitement and hold their hand tightly to ensure a safe and positive experience. …and if that toddler let’s go, then it’s just you, holding tightly to their arm. The partnership is now you just dragging them up the stairs and the joy is lost for both of you.

I’m excited to spread quality information about nutrition as vastly as I can… I am excited to continue my learning process and share the spoils with you! I am excited to hold your hand and encourage and support you in your quest and journey for knowledge, health and happiness.

Are you intrigued or even slightly interested? I have included a link to a short survey below to help me understand more about how you see both the information and the delivery of the information fitting into your life.

Click HERE for link to survey

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