The Information Diet!

Guess what the single most effective weight loss study in the history of medicine was?!?!?

Scientists didn’t give anyone any food

Scientists didn’t take any food away from anyone

Scientists didn’t mandate exercise

In fact… scientists didn’t mandate anything

For 3 months the test group met twice a week where scientists presented evidence based information on a plant-based diet. The group was presented with information regarding prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, stroke, obesity, etc.  The group was given information on the power of plants as food in our bodies. Anti-inflammatory benefits, the lack of cholesterol, anti-cancer polyphenols and bioavailable nutrients were all taught during this study.

At the end of 3 months the group that was receiving the information on a plant-based diet lost an average of 19 lbs! AMAZING!

Remember, these people were not being told or instructed to do anything different or make any different choices during this time.  They went home and lived their lives as they chose to.   …and their choices were reflected in their waistline!

It gets better…

Out of curiosity the scientists followed up with the group 6 months later to see if they had gained any or all of the weight back since the information nights had stopped.  Remarkably they had not gained it back as most diet study groups do.  As a group, they had now lost an average of 27 lbs!  This is unheard of.  For the group to have continued to have lost weight after the study closed shows that these people weren’t on a diet. They made choices that made them feel great and when you feel great you WANT to make every choice that you are making!

The Information Diet! 

So my point is read this blog, maybe read another one, check out that 2 or 3 minute video even if you have no intention of changing anything in this moment. Your life is full of so many moments and so many choices and the information that you have will define the choices that you make in those moments.

Are you ready for some new information?  Click this link to a short survey.


“Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

I’ve seen the science and read numerous studies and personal success stories from both patient and doctor perspective on the health benefits of plant-based eating. So making the transition a few years ago only made sense. But ever since I’ve been trying to educate those around me. It’s hard for people to break away from the mainstream media ideas, especially when they align with their own personal history and traditions.   But I strongly believe that when we know better we do better, it just takes more time for some people, and often the support of major government organizations.


This mainstream breakthrough is going to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people…and I couldn’t be more excited!

In 2013 plant-based diets for diabetes were in the ridiculed stage, labelling a plant-based diet as a fad diet.  Although the research was there to show significant improvement and often elimination of type 2 diabetes on a plat-based diet, it was still not officially recommended by doctors or any mainstream organizations. Doctors and diet educators at the time didn’t educate their patients about the benefits of a plant-based diet on the basis that they didn’t believe they would implement the change…so the information wasn’t even given.

Fast forward to 2019, type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing disease among Canadians. The Canadian Diabetes Association is now officially recommending a plant-based diet because of it’s ability to improve body weight, A1C, total cholesterol, non-HDL cholesterol and reduce the need for diabetic associated medications.

The evidence for the benefits of plant-based nutrition continues to mount. This now includes lower rates of stroke, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, myocardial infarction, and mortality as well as many non-cardiac issues ranging from cancer to a variety of inflammatory conditions.

We have the science, the challenge lies in overcoming the inertia of culture, habit and marketing of unhealthy foods.  This is why having a culturally recognized authority on diabetes, such as the Canadian Diabetes Association, recommending a plant-based diet is a HUGE positive health step for Canadians!


$4.2 trillion industry

The health craze is happening!  …in fact it has been happening for a while now. As a kid, I remember my mom trying different diets to lose weight and and gain more energy. Sadly I remember these diets going just as fast as they came.


Reality is that in order to have a “health craze” you need to be living in state of “unhealthy”.  If everyone was running around with boundless energy, strong muscles and appropriate fat-to-muscle ratios we wouldn’t give a lick about the next fad diet!

So what do we need to do?

We need to take a step back and look at what we our filling our cupboards with and in turn our bodies with.  We need to look at the fuel that we are providing our bodies with and the results we are getting from that fuel.

FOOD IS FUEL… every time we eat or drink it is an opportunity to either feed or fight disease.

The health and wellness industry is currently a $4.2 trillion industry because it is our human instinct to want to not only live but to thrive. We have built a society that counts the hours in each day, and for most people, fills every waking moment.  Feeding ourselves is just getting in the way and we have created an unlimited resource of shortcuts to keep on keeping on!  Our health has been taken for granted and put on the back burner… and now we spend more time and money than every before in history trying to gain it back.  We have forgotten…



Our food and soil climate cannot sustain the kinds of meals tradition dictates and does not contain the kinds of nutrition that our grandmothers enjoyed.  As the decades pass, life evolves and changes and our food choices need to as well.

How can you start?

  • throw out your conventional ideas about what a meal should look like (MEAT, starch, vegetables)
  • shop on the exterior of the grocery store
  • eat WHOLE foods
  • give your self an 80/20 goal (80% of what you eat and drink will fight disease, 20% will feed it)  *because we are human, not perfection
  • integrate more plant-based foods into your diet
  • STOP obsessing about protein – you will get enough! SERIOUSLY!
  • if you buy packaged food READ THE LABEL first, don’t eat what you can’t pronounce
  • kids need a healthy diet MORE than adults do… don’t give your kids crap food because they will “run around and burn it off”, you are just feeding disease in their tiny growing bodies
  • eat thoughtfully and feed your kids thoughtfully, not out of habit


Our current habits have created our current health climate.

Your habits create your health.

Fuel your body for how you want to feel each day… and if you don’t know how reach out for help 🙂



I ❤️ Plants!

There is only 1 diet that can prevent and even in most cases repair the damage of heart disease… and that is… wait for it…

a whole foods plant based diet!

This comes as no surprise that you are hearing this from me. I like to remind people of that every once in a while and with any luck someone will be hearing this for the first time and it will save their life.  Cardiovascular disease is the #2 killer of Canadians and we are doing it to ourselves.  I won’t chatter on and on I’ll just post this picture and let it resonate in your mind, your soul and hopefully your heart 🙂

Figure A – a diseased artery after eating a typical Canadian diet

Figure B – the same artery after 32 months on a whole foods plant based diet

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 8.22.32 AM

“Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fight it”… you choose.  (Heather Morgan)

Welcoming in 2019




“Researchers say about 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions but only about 8% are successful in achieving them.”  The Leadership Guy

The top 4 resolutions are pretty consistent year after year if you take a look at statistics Canada.   This tells me that each year most people are not satisfied with their current state of health at the closing of the year.  4 out of 5 of these resolutions can be achieved on your plate!  We eat every day, multiple times a day, giving us opportunity after opportunity to achieve these goals.

Let’s make the most out of each opportunity!

Goal #1 – eating healthier means including a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet and staying away from the quick fix processed food in packages.


Goal #2 – eating a plant centred diet will give you the restful sleep and energy that you require to get out and do what you love. Any exercise is good exercise and we all have something that we wish we could do more of but lack the motivation, energy or desire to make time for it.  The fuel that you put in your body will transfer into every aspect of your life.

Goal #3 – eating a healthy balanced plant based diet will bring your body down to it’s natural weight. Your metabolism will increase, your filtration organs will detoxify and your body will start to work more efficiently and more effectively

Goal #4 – the stigma that eating plant based costs more isn’t true in most places in Canada.  (I don’t want to speak for countries that I haven’t lived in)  It is true that processed vegan food like non-dairy ice cream, vegan cheese, and fake ‘meat’ are expensive.  BUT that kind of food isn’t good for you anyways.  The basics like fruit, veggies, beans and grains are affordable throughout the year by switching to frozen veggies and berries in off season.  There are many grains like rice, couscous and split barley that are quick and easy to make, fitting nicely into a busy schedule and canned beans are a great way to have something almost instant yet packed with essential nutrients.

Goal# 5 – Many people don’t know how to put together a healthy, nutrient dense, vegan meal or meal plan.  This is a great new skill to learn that will carry over year after year benefiting not only you but your friends and family too 🙂

A quick look at how a plant based day looks!

vegan proportions

I wish you all health and happiness in 2019 and I hope that I can help you in achieving all of your goals and resolutions 🙂 

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