Corporate Wellness

Healthy, happy employees are productive employees.  Employees spend 8 to 10 hours in work and transit, 5 out of 7 days per week. This is over 50% of the time they are awake. Fuelling the body throughout the day in a positive and healthy way can greatly impact our mood, health and productivity.

Invite me to come and speak to the professionals in your company about how they can make good choices that will improve their mental clarity, reduce stress, boost their immune system and decrease recovery time.

Some Example topics include:

  • Good Nutrition Fights Disease and Increases Immunity
  • Gut Health/Mental Health Connection
  • The Cortisol Connection to Food: Reducing Stress
  • Nutritional Impact on Systemic Health
  • “Ask the Expert” Question and Answer Forum
  • Creating Healthy Alternatives To Traditional Meals


Contact me today to book your corporate wellness workshop / lunch & learn!

or call 778 676 5210



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