My Story

From making powdered potatoes to graduating with honours…  


Initially I was not a cook, in fact I was kind of terrible at it!I declared to my now husband, before he married me, that I cannot cook and he should never have any expectations of delicious aromas wafting out of our kitchen.

Then came the birth of our son and I was so happy to be at home with him but quickly began to see the practicality of not only feeding myself while home with my infant but also my working husband. I desired to fill my afternoons with time spent creating a meal for us to enjoy instead of watching my son nap.
Insert The Food Network!
I have always LOVED eating food, so maybe it was time I learned how to cook it. Cook books were great, The Food Network was highly entertaining but WAY over my skill level.
Thankfully my mother in law (who is an amazing cook) stayed with us for extended periods of time teaching me to relax in the kitchen and just enjoy myself – nothing was ever looked at as a mistake and my saint of a husband would thank me and happily have some tea and toast on those not so successful endeavours.
Next thing you know I was relaxed and cooking and I wasn’t half bad at it either!
Some health issues arose in my family, my growing son began eating solid food and my second child was on the way, suddenly the quality of the food I was eating and feeding him was high on my radar. What is good for a growing boy? I didn’t know, I had never grown one before! I was raised in a home that opened a lot of boxes and packages (simply due to two working parents and the food culture of Canada in the 80’s and 90’s). However my husband came from across the pond where they did things a little differently.  Naturally he began to question things that I had never thought twice about.
…all these questions needed answers…
I was passionate about food and I was passionate about getting to the bottom of things and I needed to find out from the experts what I should be feeding my children. It wasn’t until after I began studying nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and following the science, that our family decided to become whole food plant based.

chicpeas and rice

We grew up eating much of the same foods that you and your family eat and we had gotten ourselves into unfamiliar territory. It was the desire to be our healthiest selves that lead us to make the changes that we have made and it wasn’t very long until new habits were formed and these changes became second nature, just as our previous habits had.

After graduating with honours as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am excited to bring this knowledge to your dinner table and help as many, families, adults and children as I can.

Healing your body and soul with food that truly is the fuel of life.
Since being certified I have been able to expand my knowledge in the natural medical field and offer laboratory testing as well as PEMF Therapy to my clients.

My Road to PEMF

A fellow nutritionist introduced me to the science of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency and it just clicked for me.  Our cells are responsible for our health and our energy. Healthy cellular activity is the foundation our bodies need to keep things running smoothly.    As much as it made sense I didn’t really jump on board until I had my own experience.
…let’s rewind to last winter…
January 2018, I fell on an icy hill in Kyiv pulling my kids on their sled. My body tried to go down the hill and my arm and shoulder stayed attached to the sled a the top. I experienced some tiny tears in the muscle and tendons in the shoulder joint resulting in a lot of fluid build up and restricted movement…oh and PAIN!!!  Despite resting, icing, heating, massaging, doctor administered injections, physiotherapy and anything else I could think of… a year later I just wasn’t gaining mobility back and would wake each night with the throbbing pain.
Once I heard about PEMF Therapy I literally had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Since there are no negative side effects and it is 100% safe I thought why not give it a go.  Worst case scenario is I feel nothing and am in equal amount of pain but my cells are oxygenated and re-centered to the earth’s magnetic field giving them the chance to release toxins and better absorb the nutrients from my awesome diet (WFPB 😉
Now everyone’s road to recovery or pain management is different but for my personal story my life was changed in just 3 short days, yup DAYS!  It had been over a year of pain and limited movement and here I was 3 days later, sleeping through the night, putting the plates on the shelf they belong and numerous other things that we all take for granted when we can use both arms freely as we choose.  I did use the PEMF mat and therapy pad 3 times per day during that time as I only had a limited rental window to test it out for myself.  But that was enough for me to know that not only was I not going to live without it, I wanted to be able to offer this kind of pain free rehabilitation to anyone I know or would meet.
The results of using the PEMF Therapy are cumulative so I am just getting stronger and stronger the more I am able to use it, and since having it in my home I have been able to let the rest of my family benefit from it. My son in particular has been really benefiting from the nerve calming that the therapy provides. We have noticed such a positive difference (and almost elimination) of his twitches, ticks and emotional anxiety.
There is a lot of smog out there, as a “civilized” society we are getting further and further removed from what nature has to offer us in both our food and our connection to the earth. 
stay nourished, stay tuned 🙂 
Jenny Naydek, R.H.N.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist & PEMF Therapy Consultant