Nutritional Coaching / 6 sessions / $500

Get a personal nutritional assessment followed up by 6 sessions (typically 1 per week) of 1-on-1 personalized coaching and nutritional training.

We will take time to discuss your goals and how we can take the necessary steps to achieve them. Since your meals and snacks start in your kitchen that is where we will start too. Taking an inventory of the choices that you make at the grocery store is very helpful in highlighting the areas for change, growth and better understanding.

While we are at it let’s learn to read some labels and decipher the codes of the food and beverage industry! Knowing what to look for before you have brought it into your kitchen is half the battle.

Booking a group of 6 sessions like this creates consistency, something to look forward to, accountability, and something to prepare for. This is an opportunity to grow your skills in the kitchen, understand food and how it fuels your body. This opportunity combines both practical skills and education into a life changing opportunity!

It takes energy, effort and knowledge to make sustainable change in your life. Together we can create the link between how you would like to feel and how you actually feel.

If you are interested in losing weight and/or eliminating your type 2 diabetes and/or preventing and reversing heart disease along with many other health and lifestyle benefits this program is a great choice for you!

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