Shiitake Ramen


If you follow my Instagram @plantbasedjenny you know that Ramen is an obsession!

This one was so easy and delicious:


  • 1 large pot of water
  • 1 tbsp of miso
  • 1 tbsp of low sodium vegetable bouillon
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • as many shiitake mushrooms as you feel the need for 🙂
  • ramen noodles – I buy the organic rice ramen from Costco

Boil everything except the ramen noodles until the garlic is mush and the onions are perfectly clear, soft and sweet.  Then add the ramen noodles, they will cook quickly so you are now just minutes away from your delicious soup!

ENJOY boosting your immune system, tantalizing your taste buds and benefiting your microbiome all in one simple soup!  …let’s not forget the powerful blood pressure lowering effects of mushrooms.  Your arteries will thank you 🙂

Goals, Desires, Dreams…

We all have goals, we all have desires and call me an optimist but I hope we all have dreams. This sounds magical but let’s take it to the dark side and look a little deeper.

How long have you had these goals?

Why haven’t you attained or achieved what you desire?

How close are you to making your dreams a reality?

I am asking you because this is a HOT TOPIC in my life right now. Maybe you are like me and you have evolving dreams, desires and goals. And maybe you are also like me and aren’t always 100% sure what the path is to achieving these.

I would love to see your thoughts on these questions in the comments. It can be scary and sometimes when we tell ourselves the truth or be too honest with ourselves it can hurt a little. If you feel more comfortable to chat with me privately send me a message. In our heart of hearts we want to be great, do great and feel great but sometimes we can get in our own way. Let’s get out of the way and turn the dreaming into doing.

Maybe it’s diet, maybe it’s exercise, maybe it’s career, maybe it’s a new parenting style, maybe it’s a new relationship. Doing is doing and roadblocks can be so similar despite the goals/dreams being different.

So comment or send a message, either way I would love to hear your struggles and achievements. I’m always ready to learn something 🙂

Brownies… again

Ok so here I am again posting about brownies… a window into my life 🙂

An accidentally cool swirl!

My littlest is doing her best to live off of chocolate… getting it into as many meals a day as possible and will use tears as a weapon if necessary. Obviously this is every mom’s dream come true and even better if you are a nutritionist right! LOL

I do wonder if I am losing the 80/20 balance that I strive for with her and her chocolate obsession. I try to incorporate healthy chocolate recipes into her life as much as possible… also she likes to cook and bake and with me, so who doesn’t love a helper 🙂

Yes these brownies contain chocolate chips (non-dairy of course) and yes these brownies contain maple syrup which is basically just liquid sugar BUT for the balancing act they also contain black beans, dates, ground flax and peanut butter!

I’m calling this a win, she will eat some fibre, she will eat some healthy fat, she will eat some protein and she will eat some chocolate.

Bean Burgers/Falafel

Pulled this one out of the archives! I should apologize for not posting it earlier because this is great for burgers or “meatballs”, meal prepping since they freeze so well and even kids lunches if you have that need.

2018 – I finally made some awesome bean burgers! …and it was so easy I will be making them again and again 🙂


  • 1 can chick peas
  • 1 can black beans
  • About 3 tbsp corn (optional)
  • Fried shiitake mushrooms with onions, garlic, basil, S&P, oregano
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • Handful of parsley
  • Handful of cilantro
  • Handful of dill
  • Green onion
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 cup oats
  • S&P to taste

I blended it all together, covered my hands in avocado oil, made patties, dipped them in more nutritional yeast and fried them on a dry frying pan. Basically any spices and flavours that you enjoy when you make a beef burger you can add to this…a couple drops of liquid smoke would give it that familiar BBQ flavour (or a blob of BBQ sauce)!

Today's Workshop :)

I can’t thank the women enough that took time out of their Saturday to participate in my workshop at Royal Roads University! I had a great afternoon sharing my passion and knowledge. They showed up with open minds, curiosity, and their own experiences that they were willing to share with me.

I always learn something new from a workshop, maybe it’s a new doctor’s name for me to add to my research repertoire, maybe it’s a recipe hack, or maybe it’s a lifestyle challenge that I had never considered before. I will always be a life long learner and it invigorates me to engage with other interested souls!

Black Bean Brownies – happen to be gluten-free!

What brownies? I didn’t make any awesomely delicious brownies with date caramel.

Ok ok maybe I made 1 or 2… or 11 🙂 It wasn’t my recipe but it was vegan and easy and mega delish!

Full disclosure her pictures are mouth watering and I do have nuts on the inside of these brownies but I ran out for the topping. I skipped the coconut flakes and added a splash of almond milk to the batter to make it a little more moist.

These were very quick and easy and I made the whole recipe in the food processor so it was 1 dirty dish plus the pan for baking in 🙂

Here is the recipe incase you just wanna stay here:

  • 1 15-oz can black beans (well rinsed + drained // 1 15-oz can yields ~ 1 1/2 cups drained)
  • 2 batches flax eggs (2 Tbsp (14 g) flaxseed meal + 5 Tbsp (75 ml) water as original recipe is written)
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil, melted // or sub other oil of choice (I used avocado oil because it’s unsaturated)
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (I buy the organic one from Costco)
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt 
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract (I eliminated this since I never buy or use it, it’s so $$$$!)
  • 1/4 cup organic cane sugar
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder

Basically you just heat the oven to 350ºF stick all these ingredients into your food processor and then scoop into a greased up muffin tin… below are the toppings that you put on after you have portioned the batter but before baking! My convection oven cooked these perfectly in 22 mins… and BAM… Brownies!!!

  • 1/3 cup chopped raw pecans (plus more for topping) (I used walnuts, I added these in after everything was blended and just mixed it a little so that the walnuts still had texture)
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut (plus more for topping) (I skipped these)
  • 1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips (I added these in at the same time as the walnuts and just mixed them so they didn’t get all chopped up by the food processor)
  • 1/4 cup date caramel* (soaked dates blended) (After you portion the brownies out you just put a blob of caramel on top and swirl it with a toothpick)

This was my first run at it… I’ve already decided on some alterations…. I’ll keep you posted 😉

3 Week Online Workshop!

The Information Diet – Introduction to Nutrition

Check out the link below to my post and survey about my new online workshop!

The Information Diet – Introduction to Nutrition

Alright, the Christmas and New Year’s crazy is all over… maybe you enjoyed it and maybe you are happy for the normalcy and calmness to return to your life. Regardless of your outlook, life is back to normal.

Now as I stated in an earlier post if you love your normal, you eat healthy (provided you know how to eat healthy), you have lots of energy and your body and mind are fit and strong then CONGRATULATIONS! …we all want to be you

If you are putting one foot in front of the other, thinking about healthy eating, weight loss and wishing you could sleep long enough to dream about having more energy… then we ARE all you.

If you have been following my blog then you know I have made a post in the past called “The Information Diet” …if you are reading it for the first time today, go read that post, I’ll wait…

Ok so we are all on the same page now.

My main goal as a nutritionist and the whole reason that I even decided to study nutrition is because it is so essential to life. My love for food and my inquisitive nature led me to ask what are the long term effects of this deliciousness? There is so much bad information or lack of great information out there surrounding what we eat and how to nourish our bodies. I decided to contribute to some good information being out there.

I’ve been working one-on-one with clients and I’ve seen a pattern emerging. Lack of time with me! I studied for 3 years to learn what I know now… and I continue to learn each day, following the research and learning from others in the field of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. There is just too much relevant information about food, nutrition and good habits to absorb in an hour or 2 with me. So we spend a few hours together and I make you a plan and maybe you open the email, maybe you make some of the recipes, and possibly you follow through with half the changes I have recommended. This is because your knowledge of the WHY isn’t there. You need to feel empowered, you need to feel like you are making changes and new choices for a reason and a reason that you believe in. Recently someone that I respect said to me, “how much time do your clients need to spend with you to benefit from what you have to offer?”

The answer isn’t a simple one… years probably! LOL But realistically I have decided that I can offer chunks of the information so that people that seek to benefit from me have a REAL chance of feeling the change, feeling the benefits and feeling the possibilities.

So here is the deal, government health care covers prescriptions and accidents. It doesn’t cover transformation. This is where my skill set lies.

I’m offering a 3 week course introducing you to nutrition: the fundamentals: the why. Of course information is only as powerful as what you choose to do with it BUT the single most effective weight loss study EVER was simply giving a group of people information.

Here is the link if you care to check it out

I am offering you the chance for empowerment, control over your body, weight loss and increased energy.

I am not here to offer you my opinion, I am here to present evidence based information regarding nutritional science in an easily ‘digestible’ format 🙂

3 weeks isn’t enough to change your life but it is enough to change your gut bacteria, your blood pressure, your cholesterol and your blood sugar levels. Emotionally, change takes longer than 3 weeks, but it’s a good foundation and biologically it’s a week longer than the entire lifetime of your white blood cells.

You know when you are holding the hand of a toddler to help them up the stairs and each stair is an accomplishment. You’re so proud of them for having the courage to take that huge step in front of them and even though you’ve been up and down those steps a million times you feed off of their joy and excitement and hold their hand tightly to ensure a safe and positive experience. …and if that toddler let’s go, then it’s just you, holding tightly to their arm. The partnership is now you just dragging them up the stairs and the joy is lost for both of you.

I’m excited to spread quality information about nutrition as vastly as I can… I am excited to continue my learning process and share the spoils with you! I am excited to hold your hand and encourage and support you in your quest and journey for knowledge, health and happiness.

Are you intrigued or even slightly interested? I have included a link to a short survey below to help me understand more about how you see both the information and the delivery of the information fitting into your life.

Click HERE for link to survey

Happy 2020

a year from now

Happy New Year!  I bet you’re excited to read yet another inspirational blog post to start the new year.  New year, new you.  Daily affirmations of positivity.  Setting goals that create results.  Loving yourself enough to make the time.  New Year resolutions.  Quotes, MEMEs, etc.   On the surface these are all a nice part of beginning a new year and with the right mindset many of them work.  But in reality, most of them are designed to get your money and often times they are playing off the disappointment you feel for not implementing these goals and changes last year.

…or the year before.

Don’t get me wrong a new year is a great time to start something new but not out of guilt, obligation or media peer pressure.  If you are starting something new that fills your bucket, checks your boxes and/or adds something to your soul then the new year,  the start of a month or middle of a week… are all great times to start 🙂

If you weren’t doing it last year then why do you want to do it this year?

What makes this a good time for change?


Maybe you feel great about last year, maybe status quo is optimal for you and that’s great!

I genuinely extend  to you a Happy 2020… may this new decade bring you all you desire.  May you have the motivation to implement the changes you want and the strength to be realistic and not succumb to the peer pressure marketing that promises that new and improved you.  Maybe you don’t need to be new?  And if you need to be improved then it will take work, effort and the right influence and information.  So start today, start next week or just keep on keeping on. You decide what is right for you and this new decade will be what we make of it!

You’re hired!! …oh wait I forgot to ask

Imagine you have a job that needs to be done. There are multiple candidates that can do the job but as we all know they won’t do it in the same way.  So we interview.  We ask questions.

Q: Have you done this job before?

Q: Did you succeed in getting this job done?

Q: What are your strengths?

Q: What are your weaknesses?

Q: Why should I hire you over another candidate?

Q: Will you improve my company or will I have to hire someone to repair your damage?

Maybe you can see where I’m going with this…

Imagine if we thought of our food in this way.  What job do I need done?  Do I need to stay full for hours, am I bored and need something in a bowl that’s in 100 pieces so I can slowly eat one at a time, do I want to drink from a straw while I drive, something sweet, something salty, something fresh?  All of these are jobs that we require food to fulfill and we use the word “want” as a blanket statement.  “I ate that because I wanted to, because I  didn’t want to be hungry, because I want to be healthy”.  In reality it is the job that we want done.

I have to admit that this genius isn’t mine alone, I watched a video this morning about market research and how they conduct it. Considering all my thoughts around food and how we view it, this seemed relevant.

I’m not imagining that we will interview each piece of food we eat but if we just thought to ourselves for a moment before choosing something.

Q: What problem am I trying to solve with food?

Q: What problems will I create based on the choices I make?

Q: Will my choice provide positive or negative side effects?

Q: Are those effects worth this moment?

Don’t hire an electrician to install your bathroom sink, don’t hire a banana for a child’s birthday party, and don’t hire a bag of chips and a coke to nourish your body for the remaining work day hours.

Conduct thoughtful interviews when it comes to the workforce you hire to nourish your body.