Weight-loss & Healthy Gut / 30 Day Program

Weight-Loss & Healthy Gut .  Weight is very individual. It’s not as much about the number on the scale as it is about achieving homeostasis in your body. When the body is nourished in a healthy way with healthy food and your systems come into alignment, your body will lose the excess weight it has stored.

“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.” – Samuel Johnson

This is not a weight loss program that you do for a period of time and then stop. This is a 30 day lifestyle change.  Your gut health is the foundation of your body, it’s responsible for balancing your hormones, absorption of nutrients and so much more.  In just 14 days of a gut supporting diet your entire gut flora will be transformed!  Your relationship with food will change, you may find yourself with new likes and dislikes.  This 30 day program is the beginning of the future you!

  • Personal Assessment
  • 1 Consultation per week to keep you on track
  • Customized Meal Planning with recipes
  • Text & Email & Phone Support

can be done in person, via Skype, via email

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