Nutrition Services

Nutrition is not location dependent, in fact it’s international. I am here for you no matter your home city or country. Communication is the key to a beneficial and successful relationship with your nutritionist and with today’s technology don’t let your location or mine limit you. I’m here to help, near and far …we have options!

I  provide personalized nutritional consulting regarding the following issues:

  • Plant-Based Diets
  • Weight Loss and Management
  • Blood Sugar Balancing & Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)
  • Mental Health
  • Sports, Fitness and Weight Training
  • Digestive Issues & IBS
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
  • Allergies

Dietary and Lifestyle Assessment / $80

**during COVID-19 all sessions will take place online and/or via email**

Curious about your nutritional health?

Do you have any signs or symptoms that should be addressed sooner rather than later? Maybe you have been diagnosed with a condition and you aren’t satisfied with how it is being addressed and how you are feeling?

Don’t fight disease, PREVENT it with good nutrition that addresses your personal needs and the root cause of any issues that might be starting.

Get a personal assessment of your dietary and lifestyle health. During our consultation we will discuss your results and an action plan to achieve your goals.  

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Nutritional Coaching 3 Weeks / $330

**during COVID-19 all sessions will take place online and/or via email**

After your initial assessment you will be asking, “ok what’s next?”. This is where we really get to work together.

Over the next 3 weeks you will receive information from me regarding your specific goals/condition along with action items.

We will set up a weekly call at a time that is convenient for you.

It takes energy, effort and knowledge to make sustainable change in your life. Together we can create the link between how you would like to feel and how you actually feel.

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Kitchen Clean Out / $80

**This service is temporarily unavailable during COVID-19**

If you buy it, you will eat it! 

Old habits are hard to break and grocery shopping is definitely one of those activities that we often do on autopilot.  It’s not always easy to know what is healthy and what isn’t, packaging is confusing these days… I would love to come into your kitchen and give you a one-on-one tutorial about label reading, healthy choices and give you a good foundation for creating healthy meals!  Let’s clean out your kitchen together and give you the fresh start that you are looking for to create the healthy lifestyle and body that you deserve 🙂   

  • 2 hours of purging and professional advice
  • organizing, making your food accessible and practical in your kitchen
  • label reading  (how to choose the right can of coconut milk, lol)

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Follow Up / Appointments  $55/hr

**during COVID-19 all follow-up appointments will take place online and/or via email**

Feel free to book time to check in with me on your current plan, make adjustments to support your goals and have all your questions answered!  

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