Food and Us

Food is our body’s single greatest exposure to the outside world – even more so than our skin.

Together our small and large intestines are about 28ft long or 8.5 meters. Throughout this length they are covered with millions of microvilli which increase the surface area of absorption. Every bite, sip or lick you take gets absorbed along the way…

Since food needs to be broken down to the molecular level and absorbed by our cells, our digestive system comes into contact with every stage that piece of food has gone through…the chemical composition of the dirt and water that grew it, the bacteria from the machine that picked it or milled it, the additives that were placed in it for ripening, colouring, or preserving …maybe that food even lived at one point and our digestive system is dealing with the air it breathed, the water it drank, the food it ate, the medicine it was given.

We need to change our relationship with food – or rather we need to build a relationship with our food. Every time we eat our gut takes an international trip, exposed to the toxins and the agricultural practices and laws of other countries. Where did your lunch come from today?

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